First Page Rankings via Sacramento Search Engine Optimization Services

“Gabe Donnini’s July 2013 articles for Search Engine Journal reports on new data from Chitika Insights on the importance of search engine result positioning, following the recent Google algorithm updates. The study involved millions of ads in which a user was led to target sites through a Google search. The results were similar to those of a similar study published three years ago, in that the first item on search engine results pages (SERPs) generated the most website traffic than any other item on the list.

The study further proves the value of high rankings on SERPs. This means that any company operating in Sacramento, where business is alive and kicking, can expect better site traffic if they have an effective SEO strategy in place. This requires the services of experienced Sacramento search engine optimization specialists like Champion Online Marketing.”


Keep up a Good Reputation with Sacramento Online Marketing Services

“Just as the Internet provides small businesses with unprecedented opportunities for growth, it can also lead to business failure by way of a negative reputation. In an article on, Carol Roth cites “online gossip” and “negative reviews” as Internet events which could create a disastrous online image for any company. She then lists down four practices that can help a small business maintain a good reputation online.

Roth suggests such techniques as monitoring different sites, harnessing the support of loyal customers or fans, offering solutions to any unpleasant customer experience, and leaving isolated incidents alone. Small business owners in Sacramento, California may find it difficult to carry out such measures on their own, given their limited time and resources. Luckily, a reputable Sacramento online marketing company can help a small business maintain a good reputation on the Web.”

What Sacramento Internet Marketing for Small Business Often Entails

“The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be ignored these days, especially if one aims to succeed in any business. Timothy Carter’s article for states that good SEO strategies can go a long way in helping small, home-based business make their presence felt on the Web. The widespread use of the Internet and its applications has indeed changed the face of business everywhere, and has given small businesses a better chance of competing against more established rivals.

However, many small businesses, including those in Sacramento, California, remain competitive by keeping their capital investment small while they increase their profit. This could mean limited resources, which usually do not allow for in-house Internet marketing operations. This is where an experienced Sacramento internet marketing company can lend support.”

Outsourcing Sacramento SEO Services: How Businesses Can Benefit from SEO

“On, Grizzlee Solutions discusses the role search engine optimization (SEO) plays in the success of today’s businesses. According to Grizzlee, achieving a high rank in organic search results on search engines is extremely vital for a business to succeed. As such, a company that depends on the Internet to communicate with previous, current, and potential clients should consider getting SEO services. While an owner can maintain the online presence of his business by himself, an SEO firm can do it far better and with exceptional results.

For businesses operating in highly competitive markets such as those in major cities like Sacramento, online presence is necessary. Even small businesses are becoming more aggressive in their online marketing campaigns, slowly pushing up the figures revealed by the Federation of Small Businesses that only one out of four companies have a website. However, owning a website isn’t enough; more importantly, the website has to be visible. Thi

Sacramento SEO: Traditional Marketing Slowly Losing to Online Marketing

“In an article for, contributor Debbie Mcrill discusses the top reasons why traditional marketing methods are slowly losing popularity to online or Internet marketing methods. According to Mcrill, the latter has made the downside of conventional methods more apparent. Although they proved useful in the past, traditional marketing methods can now be considered inferior in terms of timing, cost, customization, and pricing.

In cities like Sacramento, California, marketing is a major area of concern for most businesses. Those who can’t take on the challenges of a competitive market look for strategies to help them catch up. One of the many options that they find useful is search engine optimization or SEO Sacramento online marketing compaties provide. “

Folsom SEO Experts Help New Bridal Boutique Attain Online Visibility

“Folsom, California (August 28, 2013) – The Folsom SEO experts at Champion Online Marketing are now helping Celestina Bridal Boutique attain high visibility on the Internet. The team will employ various strategies to help the new shop attract more customers.

Boutique owner Teri Hughes called on the Champion team after recognizing the importance of promoting her business through the Internet. She knows that most potential customers surf the web to search for products and services and usually just check the first few results presented by Google, Yahoo, and the like. This is why she needs the expertise of SEO professionals to help her website rank highly on search engine results pages.”

New Search Algorithms Demand Better Sacramento Search Engine Optimization Tactics

According to a Practical eCommerce article, updates to Google’s search engine algorithms Panda and Penguin now compel website owners to reconsider their current Internet marketing strategies. Penguin 2.0, which was released on May 21, 2013, has given Google the ability to detect websites that have so-called spam links and phrase articles. Websites which have many link profiles that, in turn, possess plenty of spam links are particularly affected.

It’s not a stretch to say that some of the 2,407 websites known to be hosted in Sacramento employ these same tactics. With that in mind, Sacramento search engine optimization companies like Champion Online Marketing will definitely have their hands full catering to businesses and organizations that want to revolutionize their Internet marketing strategies. After all, the recent Panda and Penguin updates now require everyone to play fair.