Successful Sacramento Online Marketing Requires Good Storytelling

The business marketplace is crowded. Depending on where in Sacramento your business is located, you could have a few or up to dozens of businesses near you that offer basically the same products and services you do that are targeting the same local customers. What can you do to make them choose you over your competitors? One solutions to stand out with your internet marketing in Sacramento is to present your message in a memorable and interesting way that grabs people’s attention immediately. Put simply, you need to be a good storyteller.


Folsom Search Engine Optimization for Small Players: Get Tactical

SEO is no longer determined simply by how often keywords appear. Thanks to Google’s so-called “doomsday” updates (Penguin and Panda), unique content takes the top spot in determining search engine visibility. If businesses try to duplicate someone’s unique write-up, they won’t get the attention they seek.

Other experts also say that keywords do not always have to refer to the obvious. When users make a search for, say, “plastic surgery in Folsom,” not all of them are actually looking for a surgeon in Folsom; instead, they may be looking for the most popular procedures in that locality. A seasoned Folsom SEO provider will know how to use the right keywords that could lead as many users as possible to your site.

Sacramento Online Marketing Services are Needed More Now than Ever Before

Practically everyone goes online today, with the number of online shoppers expected to grow from 137 million in 2010 to 175 million by 2016. The Internet is presenting opportunities for businesses everywhere, and anyone who falls behind in digital marketing, like Pizza Hut, can expect to suffer the consequences. Tapping the services of experienced Sacramento online marketing companies, like Champion Online Marketing, is one sure way of taking advantage of the huge opportunities the Internet provides to drive sales and to increase profitability.

Pizza Hut has been known to be an innovator (think Stuffed Crust pizza); and the first online purchase was, in fact, for a Pizza Hut pie. At the moment, the brand maintains apps, social media pages, and even an online delivery service (the first in the industry), but investors believe it’s not doing enough.